A fun rolling walker accessory made with high quality materials that adds functionality and style to any rolling walker!


Why WrapHapeez? Watch our video!

Benefits of WrapHapeez

WrapHapeez are both feel good and functional rollator accessories.

They are personality themed, quality made wraps that are equipped with 2 built-in pockets for easy access to belongings. Containing those sometimes annoying brake wires while providing some privacy are other benefits of WrapHapeez. They easily fold up with the rollator and go wherever the walker goes!

Additionally, WrapHapeez generate engagement opportunities as people will compliment, wonder and inquire about the "cool" wrap. It's such a great gift too. Both givers and receivers of WrapHapeez experience JOY! We've seen it many times first hand! For any age adult rollator user, WrapHapeez can simply enhance one's dignity, provide an emotional lift, compliment one's style and identity and can get people talking and laughing together. It's why we do what we do.

There simply isn't a better gift or accessory for a rollator user, than a WrapHapeez!

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Meet Our Founder

I am Valerie Gannaway, Owner of VeeJoys, the maker of WrapHapeez.

Life has its surprises and twists, doesn’t it?

The first “wrap” was made for my mother, Nancy, AKA “Fancy Nancy” over 10 years ago. We discovered that Nancy had a condition that caused imbalance which resulted in a fall and a broken hip. We moved her in with us to convalesce and care for her. My terrific sister Kim, who happens to be an awarded career nurse, lived close by, and she and her family helped care for Nancy while I was running all over the southeast with my three sons for their respective sports commitments. When Nancy had to use a rolling walker for mobility and safety, it was quite a blow to her dignity and self-esteem. See, she was always a very strong and proud woman who loved fashion. The rollator certainly didn’t support her “Fancy Nancy” image.

So, here we are...

Today, we are working very hard to bring WrapHapeez to market so more people using rolling walkers can feel a heightened sense of dignity and happiness. We are dedicated to donating a portion of proceeds to Alzheimer’s Research and/or Veterans to honor the wonderful, spirited people who have touched or protected our lives.

So, Nancy is still doing well at 87 and living with her 95-year-old manfriend, Richard. (You go giiirl!) My father Warren who served in the Army, is also 87 years old and is still an avid outdoorsman and hunter (bow and arrow only – beast!) He has become the primary caretaker for his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Though this is very difficult and limits his own life passions, I’m very proud of him for his commitment in doing so. One of our dearest family friends and one of the best individuals you would ever know, Paula, is also experiencing dementia. She spent her working years running an in-home day care. God was and remains first in her life and her spirit is still alive and well! These are just some of the wonderful, spirited people who have touched my life immensely. I happily honor them and hope you have the opportunity to do the same for your loved ones.